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At MVD, we have worked for all kinds of businesses, industries, and people, including CEO’s, marketeers, doctors, entrepreneurs, bankers, Investors, politicians, authors, engineers, fashionistas, Chefs, musicians, Real Estate brokers, athletes and more.

We help businesses reap the benefits of great marketing campaigns by providing the skill-set, know-how, creative experience and 15 years of professional marketing and production expertise needed to plan, design and implement winning marketing campaigns.

Over the years, we have delivered value to businesses by providing full-service video production services for their small and large marketing campaigns. We provide a complete service package from concept to final production.

Khaled Husseini

  • EXPERIENCE: 17 years – Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, B2B Marketing, Brand Building
  • KEY BRANDS: Microsoft, IBM, PayPal, LG, Verizon, Four Seasons, aramex, Royal Jordanian
  • RANDOM FACTS: According to a personality test, likes information more than people.

Nadia Husseini

  • EXPERIENCE: 17 years – Content Marketing & Production
  • KEY BRANDS: Sesame Street, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Etisalat, Afia, “The Price is Right”
  • RANDOM FACTS: Doesn’t like Marshmallows.

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